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Offering energy-efficient aluminum windows, frameless folding doors, double glazed glass doors, framed folding doors, and every type of folding door in Dubai, Skyline Metals is a leader in the market of performance, care, and client satisfaction. That will alter the way you live and the way you see the role of windows and doors. Utilizing innovation, it is now feasible to retain heat, harvest sunlight when it is present, and especially make bifold doors the focal point of your lovely home.

For all of Dubai, Turkish-Made Folding Doors are offered. It's not just our service that makes your life easier; it's also the quality of our windows and doors. We want you to feel satisfied and confident in your investment and decision, not to receive our goods and wonder, "Is This Right?" Let's sum up by saying that we offer the best glass doors in Dubai.




aluminum Sliding Door

Aluminium Bi Folding Doors

Our Aluminium Framed Folding Doors unrivaled thermal insulation and aesthetic beauty.

What we offer

Framed Folding Doors is an aluminum-framed system in Dubai United Arab Emirates where doors are united with hinges and top mechanism so that pulling the first door will lead the others together. The doors are applied into the track rail which is fixed on top and slid using special rollers that provide smooth and quiet movement. No further use of extra floor is necessary, while door track rail is stability is achieved with the use of either safely locks or floor lathes

Our roofing experts team specializes in replacing existing roofs or jumping into an ongoing build or extension.

Stackable Glass Doors

A simple, minimalist and bespoke stackable glass system

Our custom architectural stackable doors offer clients a seamless and architectural finish to their new or existing homes.

We are able to customize every element of the folding doors to make sure it fits with the color scheme and aesthetic of the house, apartment, or commercial property. Our system is completely weatherproof, lockable, and does not rely on overhead support, making it a perfect bespoke solution for both new builds and renovations.


Aluminium French Doors

There’s nothing that adds more elegance to a property than aluminium French doors.

French Doors

French Doors are a great option for any home. We often pair them with our aluminum bifold doors which have the same sight lines and locking mechanisms as well as full glass panes. They’re ideal for slim openings where you can benefit from the narrow aluminum frame and glass sections to create more light.

With Stay cool solar control toughened glazing, you get not only a product that looks great but one which is highly secure and energy-efficient. If you are searching through French doors and want to know which are the best, then start with these.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium Sliding Doors or Folding – it’s your choice. Whichever way you go, you’ll see dramatic improvements in lifestyle and property value.

All our Aluminium sliding doors have high-security glazing and locking mechanisms and come in unparalleled color choices. It really is up to you! We have a 10-year guarantee on all installs so you can sleep easy, and our dedicated professionals will have your new doors up with minimal fuss.

We have multiple choices within the Aluminium sliding doors range, from patio systems with thermal breaks through to sleek living room sliding frames. You can learn more on our dedicated products page.


Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows can offer many advantages, and when it comes to installing them in your home

Aluminum Windows

Making sure you have a home that’s performing efficiently is important and your windows play a big part in that. You want to have ones that are going to be thermally beneficial but also look appealing to the eye. They need to be able to fit well with the rest of the home both externally and internally. They’re a great way to help replace any old timber frames or older designs that might have become worn or tired.

There are lots of different styles that can be ordered, and we have an expansive range from sash windows to tilt and turn windows. We work with plenty of industry-leading brands and can, therefore, supply a variety of window designs to suit the property you’re in. We realize that every property is different and so it’s important to have as much versatility as possible when it comes to designs and functionality.

Frameless Folding Doors

Frameless Folding doors in dubai is a system which glass sliding doors are united with hings so as pulling the first door will lead the others together.

What we offer

Frameless folding doors 

1. Suitable for door sashes with a big width, large quantities, and small installation space.

2. All direction rollers are installed at the center of every door sash to ensure an extremely stable operation of the whole set of systems.

3. The upper and bottom patch fitting is configured with a hairbrush for a superior sealed and soundproof capacity. If you want to strengthen the sealed and soundproof capacity, you could purchase a sealed strip installed on the glass side.


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We add value to your home while enhancing your outdoor lifestyle. Durable aluminium materials ensure years of low maintenance enjoyment. We provide the industry’s strongest and most comprehensive warranty. We provide premium architectural aluminium products through the highest level of customer service. To provide you with the best in quality, dependability and satisfaction.